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Humidity Absorber

Protect your cargo from in containers from moisture damage which could cause mold, spoilage or rust. Moisture damage happens when there is condensation during shipment or delivery. We have 4 products type of humidity absorber : BE DRY,  White Silica Gel, Silica Natural and VCI  (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor)

  • BE DRY

Be Dry is calcium chloride active content, is well designed for absorbing humidity within storage or container's closed environment, and keeping dew point temperature below actual temperature. BE DRY absorption capacity is 100% form its weight at R.H 80%, 25C temperature for 30 days period. Available : BE DRY 1000,500,and 250 gram and Pole Type .


White Silica Gel, is porous form Silicon Oxid (SiO2) , very popular in our daily life, such as shoes, food, bags, electronics, pharmaeutical and automotive parts. It is use for controlling humidity within sealed containers or small packaging to avoid spoilage or rust. Silical Gel absorb moisture well at 25 C and 80 RH at capacity 20-40 % of its weight. Available : 250, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and 2 gram.


Natural silica is a clay desiccant from zeolite. Adsorption capacity is  10-15%  at 25 C and 80 RH.  At lower relative humidity, Natural Silica adsorb more water vapor than White Silica Gel.

Sterile Laboratory Sampling Bags

  • Whirl-Pak

Whirl-Pak is first sterile bags in the market. developed in 1959.  Sampling bags are used to collect and contain samples of solids and liquids for laboratory tests. 

Whirl-Pak Nasco bags provide an easy to use leakproof closure for collection of a wide variety of sample materials.

  • Sludge Judge

Designed to take readings of settleable solids of 5% or less in a variety of non-caustic liquids to any depth.

Ideal for use in sewage, chemical or food processing plants. 

Safety Protection